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I am a freelance artist with over 10 years of experience who provides a variety of services including character(realistic/ comic) or hard surface modeling for film, TV, VR/AR  video games, historic reconstructions, 3D print.
I can provide a simple concept sketch of a character, a fully-rendered image or a 3D model, which can then be integrated into a film scene, game, realtime application or image.

Range of services includes:

  * Game Asset Creation/CG Characters/Objects/Scenes
        o high poly modeling (characters, creatures, hard surface polygon or cad)
        o low poly modeling        
        o texture painting
        o shading
        o animations for characters/objects
        o realtime scene integration, offline rendering
    o 3d scans cleanup to prodzction ready assets

  * Images and designs
        o Photoshop, pencil sketches, 3D renders
        o Pre-visualization for CG
    o capturing of 2d and 3d assets(3D scans)

  * Models for 3D Print
        o Models for 3D Printing , Toy prototypes
        o STL - format


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